African Printed Textiles

We take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of African Printed Textiles from India. We have been supplying various qualities of Printed Fabrics since last 20 years and hold great experience in the field. We specialize in this field since we go right to the bottom of the supply chain starting right from procuring raw cotton to make the cloth to ensure the most superior quality of the finished product ranges are delivered. We have been exporting these African Printed Textiles (such as Khanga, Kitange, Imitation Wax Prints, Real Wax and so on) to various markets such as Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, South Africa, Togo and so on. 

We can supply all of the following as per the customer requirements:

1. Real Wax (Range of 100% Cotton Printed Fabrics)

2. Imitation Wax Prints (Range of 100% Cotton Printed Fabrics)

3. Angel Wax (Range of 100% Cotton Printed Fabrics)

4. Java Prints (Range of Cotton or Polyester Printed Fabrics)

5. Sosso Prints (Range of 100% Cotton Printed Fabrics)

6. Polyester Rotto Quality (100% Polyester Printed Fabrics)

7. Polyester High Quality (100% Polyester Printed Fabrics)

8. Others

Guaranteed Veritable Wax Prints- High Quality Wax:

Sosso Wax / Angel Wax / Imitation Wax:

Polyester High Quality:

Java Prints:

Real Wax / Angel Wax:

Real Wax / Imitation Wax / Angel Wax:

The pictures displayed below are for reference only. Once the quality and price is approved, the designs provided by customer is what is manufactured.

Polyester Rotto Quality:

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