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Raw Materials:

We hold great experience in supplying raw materials to various manufacturing segments as listed below:

We have been exporting various kinds of raw materials to various types of manufacturing industries as per our customer requirements depending on the specific markets. All types of the raw materials are thoroughly tested and ensured they meet the customer specifications and requirements. Contact Us for more details on your requirements and for our quotes for the same.

Manufacturing Segments we have been exporting raw materials to:

1. Snacks Food Industry

    a. Corn Grits

    b. Flavors (such as vanilla, cheese, tangy tomato and so on)

    c. Buffing Wheels & Puffs

2. Writing Instruments:

    a. Tips / Nip Points (of various materials and thicknesses such as copper, nickle-sulphite with thicknesses ranging from 0.6mm to 1mm etc)

    b. Ink (In the form of drums for ball-point pens, gel pens and so on)

3. Plastic Thermoplast Products:

    a. Steel Inners (Steel sheets which are pressed to made the stainless steel inner for casseroles/hot-pots in various shapes and thicknesses)

4. Others

    a. PVC and PET film sheets (Used for making plastic trays for food industry for products such as biscuits)

    b. PET Preforms (Used for making plastic Bottles and their covers)